Payment & Access Control Solutions for Events & Stadiums

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Payment Solutions

Digital, portable & easy-to-use. Our cloud-based cash register application is designed specifically for events and mobile sales.


Access control

Ensure a quick & smooth entry to your event and collect more data from the visitors. 

Other services

We can build networks, web-stores, mobile apps and much more!

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Our all-in-one CM5 payment terminal is the perfect solution for your festival sales. Add ticket scanning turnstiles or hand-held ticket readers for the complete solution.

Sports events

Smart RFID wristbands make access control and payments easy. Our versatile CM5 terminals can read wristbands and handle all payment methods, wherever needed.


Digitalise your expo or trade fair payments with our CM5 terminals. Replacing paper coupons with our RFID cards or accepting modern payment methods, the CM5 does it all!


The CM5 payment terminal is perfect for the busiest stadiums and arenas. RFID card schemes with invoicing options can also be added for season ticket holders and corporate guests.


Secure camp access and payments with our RFID solution, that makes it easy to organise campers’ information and allows parents to manage their children’s account remotely.


Secto Rally Finland


CoreGo’s solutions in use

+ Digital rally passes
+ Access control
+ CM5 payment solution
+ RFID solution for VIP areas



CoreGo’s solutions in use

+ Network setup
+ Access control
+ CM5 payment solution
+ QR code drink vouchers


Kajo Finnjamboree


CoreGo’s solutions in use

+ Access control
+ RFID payment solution
+ Mobile app

Borlänge Beer & Whisky Expo


CoreGo’s solutions in use

+ RFID payment cards
+ CoreGo Account for top-ups
+ CM5 payment solution for top-ups
+ Network setup

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