CoreGo, a Finnish event technology company, offers young people a varied and demanding, but also rewarding summer job. Two students who have worked at CoreGo in the summer of 2023 describe what it’s like to work at the heartbeat of events.

The company’s workforce doubles during the summer, as more employees get the opportunity to participate in the company’s activities during the busiest event season.  

CoreGo provides payment and access control solutions for events and their affiliates, allowing summer employees to be part of a variety of event productions. Many large festivals such as Provinssi in Seinäjoki, Ruisrock in Turku and Qstock in Oulu, as well as sporting events such as the World Rally Finland (Secto Rally Finland in Jyväskylä) and the Helsinki Cup football tournament are examples of events where CoreGo solutions have been used. In addition to events, CoreGo solutions are also widely used in venues, such as: ice hockey arenas, congress halls and stadiums. 


The different areas of the production project develop skills in many ways

Max Heikkilä, a business student, found his way to CoreGo with a tip from his older brother. He contacted the company’s CEO and asked for a summer job. Heikkilä had previous experience in event management, consumer sales and asphalt work, which proved to be a valuable background when joining CoreGo.

“I feel that the company values my opinion and supports my career growth.”

Heikkilä’s versatile skills enabled him to be involved in various aspects of CoreGo’s productions, such as customer contact, production preparation and device support during events. He describes his summer at CoreGo as follows: 

“It has been great working at CoreGo over the Summer. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility I was given from the very beginning. The people I work with are like a second family and working together makes the job meaningful. I feel that the company values my opinion and supports my career growth. I see CoreGo as a workplace where I can really develop and, in the autumn, I will stay with CoreGo in a sales and marketing role.”

Samu Koponen, a student of computer science, applied to CoreGo through the Jobteaser service. Koponen had previous experience as sawmill operator, as well as in automotive and woodworking roles.

“I had not previously considered how much planning and organisation is required to make events successful.”

At CoreGo, he had the opportunity to participate in the design and construction of network infrastructure, which is often the backbone of an event and an essential part of the service that CoreGo’s provides to festivals and events. This role requires adaptability and being able to quickly deal with changing situations, Koponen was satisfied with the experience and learning opportunities he gained: 

“My summer at CoreGo has given me a new perspective on the work that happens behind large events. I had not previously considered how much planning and organisation is required to make events successful. I’ve learned a lot of new things about network infrastructure and I’m interested in continuing with software development in the future. CoreGo has provided me with a valuable opportunity to grow and develop in my career.” 


A great working community to support you, even on long event days

Both summer workers praised CoreGo’s relaxed work community. They said that the team worked well together and offered great support when needed.   

Heikkilä said that his colleagues were the best part of the job, and he also emphasised the trust and freedom to do things his way. Koponen appreciated the constant opportunity to learn new things about network building and the event industry in general. 

Skills for the future

Summer workers’ experiences reflect CoreGo’s commitment to providing its employees with opportunities to develop and contribute to their working lives. Both are willing to continue working at CoreGo in the future. Heikkilä wants to continue working in marketing and sales, while Koponen hopes to get involved in software development.  

“We trust our employees’ ability to work independently and give them the freedom to do things their own way. The responsibility for the end result also always lies with the author. Support and help is offered in all situations to create a virtuous circle of positive success for the individual’s development” says Sari Marjo-Seppälä, Head of HR and Corporate Culture at CoreGo.   

CEO Hannu Elomaa agrees: “Trust brings a new dimension to an employee’s ability to grow in their own job, which also helps the company to develop. It all starts with the staff and their well-being and motivation.”   

CoreGo is a place where newcomers can grow and learn about the events industry in a variety of ways. The company’s relaxed but professional working atmosphere and flexible working style allows people to develop their skills and take their career in the direction they want. A summer job at CoreGo offers a valuable stepping stone towards future job opportunities in event production, technology and business.