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CoreGo, at the Heart of Events

The Start

CoreGo was founded in Finland in March 2015.

The company’s initial product was an RFID based CRM solution, which was launched at Provinssi festival in the summer of 2015.

RFID & Events

It was clear from this early client case how our RFID solution could help festivals to handle on-site payment more smoothly, and the company’s future direction was born.

New Era

First event in Sweden.

Introduced the CM5, the first Android-based POS solution, to the event and venue sectors.

Over 100 client productions using our CM5 POS and access control solutions.


Our team is growing, and we are now in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Many students also join our team during the busy summer months.

We strive to understand our customers’ needs and bring the best possible solutions and service to the market. 

Our Team

We have offices in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

We are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our customer service, mailing address and other important info can be found here.


Hannu Elomaa CoreGo

Hannu Elomaa

CEO & Founder

+358 44 541 8489

hannu (a) corego.fi

Barry MacNamara CoreGo

Barry MacNamara

Business Development Manager

+358 45 887 3220

barry (a) corego.fi

Jani Vartiainen CoreGo

Jani Vartiainen

Software Design Manager

+358 50 551 7741

jani (a) corego.fi

Sari Marjo-Seppälä

Office Manager

+358 50 321 2813

sari (a) corego.fi

Johanna Mustonen

Sales Manager

+358 50 328 2200

johanna (a) corego.fi

Panu Tolonen

Sales Manager

+358 50 327 0150

panu (a) corego.fi

Niko Väänänen


niko (a) corego.fi

Urpo Kähkönen

Software Developer

urpo (a) corego.fi

Hanna Maria Pinta

Marketing & Project Coordinator

+358 50 556 6175

hannamaria (a) corego.fi

Jussi Routila

Technical Project Planner

jussi (a) corego.fi

Aslak Hänninen

Project & Finance Manager

+358 50 380 1014

aslak (a) corego.fi

Miro Laukkanen

Project Manager

+358 50 543 8019

miro (a) corego.fi

Laura Jyrinki

Project Manager

+358 50 543 8139

laura (a) corego.fi

Jarno Rehelmä

Project Manager

+358 50 412 4060

jarno (a) corego.fi

Katariina Huotari

Customer Advisor

+358 46 9230 528

katariina (a) corego.fi

Jutta Seppälä

Production & Event Assistant

+358 50 556 6174

jutta (a) corego.fi

Johanna Tolmunen

Production & Event Assistant

+358 50 375 6518

johanna.t (a) corego.fi


Madelene Järpenge CoreGo

Madelene Järpenge


+46 709 168 759
madelene (a) corego.fi

Alexander Lide

Festivals and concerts

+46 700 18 12 76
alexander (a) corego.fi

Leonard Sahlin

Project Manager
Network & Production

leonard (a) corego.fi


Friedrich Prill

Sales & Account Manager

+49 151 561 598 07

friedrich.prill (a) corego.fi