CoreGo Access Control

Easy, fast and secure entry for your event visitors and staff

Event access control requires careful planning, preparation and cooperation with various parties.

First impressions last! With CoreGo Access Control, you can be sure that everyone arrives at your event safely and smoothly, exactly the way you planned it.

Regardless of the size of your event, we can deliver all the devices, systems, integrations and installations required for access control.

CoreGo Access Control makes the right first impression.

Why choose CoreGo Access Control?

Enable fast, secure and easy entry  

CoreGo’s smart cameras, turnstiles and handheld scanners are suitable for events of all sizes. Prevent queues and create a smoother event experience for your visitors. 

Collect data and develop your event  

Collect data on every entry and analyse where your event visitors go and when. Add more access control devices in areas and gates that get congested during peak times. 

Reduce staff 

Let technology do the work for you and eliminate the need for ticket inspectors – our automatic turnstiles can scan both digital RFID tags and QR codes. Our handheld scanners can be used for access to other areas, such as VIP or backstage, and our camera solution enables accurate visitor counting where manual access control is in place. 

Integrate your ticket store 

Our devices are integratable with multiple popular ticket vendors and other back-office systems. 

What should I consider when choosing an access control solution?

Optimal visitor experience 

Make the event experience more enjoyable for your customers. Technology solutions make ticket inspection easier and reduce congestion.  

Data collection 

Access control solutions collect large amounts of data about visitor behaviour and flow. This data can be used to plan and improve future events. CoreGo devices scan both smart wristbands and cards and QR codes.  

Accurate access control 

As the organizer, you can carefully control individuals’ access to specific areas in the event venue. Particular staff members or artists can get access backstage, whereas the audience has its own access area. You can activate digital access permits for specific individuals in the CoreGo system. 


CoreGo Access Control allows you to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the event area. The technology reduces the risk of unwanted visitors and misconduct.  

Real-time reporting and tracking  

CoreGo Cloud enables real-time tracking of the number of people who have arrived at your event and at which time. You can also restrict visitor numbers in specific areas. If there are any security issues at your event, such as violence or an emergency, the access control solution enables a rapid response. 

Flexibility and integrations  

CoreGo Access Control is a smart solution that works at various types of events regardless of the size of the event or the venue. You can combine devices and various identifiers according to your preferences in different parts of the venue. CoreGo Access Control is integratable with multiple international and local ticket vendors. 

Could some of our solutions be right for your business or event?


We deliver technology solutions for both individual events and more long-term requirements. Contact us and we can find the right solution for your needs.