CoreGo Access Control

Easy, fast and secure entry for your visitors.


A complete access control solution for your event


Sports Events

Tasting Events


Choose your device

A choice of scanning turnstiles and handheld scanners cover any size of event or control point.

Reduce staff

Let our technology work for you – Our turnstiles read both RFID tags and QR codes.

Track your visitors

Get the data from each entry, and analyze the visitor flow in more detail.

Integrate it

Our scanners are integratable with multiple ticket providers and back-office systems.


How does it work?

Visitors scan their tickets or RFID tags and get a smooth access to your event.

Analyze the data and get a deeper understanding of when and where your visitors enter the area.

Optimize your access control to meet your visitor’s expectations for a smoother event experience.

Why the CoreGo Access Control?

Comprehensive digital solution
Our scanning ticket readers support both RFID and QR code technologies.

Use multiple ticket partners
Upload ticket codes from different ticket providers, direct integrations are also possible.

One provider – all the solutions
The CoreGo access control is a natural add-on to our payment solution. It’s easy to manage the data for both in the CoreGo Cloud.

CoreGo Cloud

All your data in one place
Get your reports and manage all the CoreGo solutions in the CoreGo Cloud.

Track and analyze
Find out how people are moving to the area, and make your next event’s access control even more efficient.

Integrate it
The open API infrastructure allows easy integration for your in-house systems and operations.

Let’s have a chat

Do you need an access control solution for your incoming event? Send us a message and we’ll be in touch!