CoreGo & Verifone CM5

Mobile integrated cash register

An all-in-one, single screen event payment platform

Everything you need for your event in one device

Access Control + Cash Register + Ease of use


One simple terminal delivering an integrated access control, cash register and payment solution.

CoreGo Cloud

Our cloud based system makes it easy to make changes and track the data you need in real-time.


A powerful and lightweight portable device that brings flexibility to your payments process.

“From an organiser’s perspective, the setup and using the terminals was much faster and more simple than before, without having extra hardware and cables at the sales points.”

“Customers also gave great feedback on the new system. This was a huge leap forward!”
Lulu Myllyniemi, Business Director, Viinilehti Oy

CM5 payment terminal with integrated cash register

Why the CM5 for your event?

  • Device-specific 4G network enables mobile sales
  • One device, no need for a separate payment terminal
  • Powerful battery
  • A large and durable 5-inch touch screen allows easy use of the CoreGo cash register application
  • Can also be used for ticket reading
  • Supports several payment methods: cash, coupon & vouchers (including QR), RFID or Klarna
Call to action image tablet
CM5 solution cash register

Cash register application

  • Cloud-based point-of-sale application
  • Designed specifically for stadiums and events, has been used in more than 400 customer productions
  • Intuitive and reliable
  • Easy and fast editing of products and prices
  • Real-time sales tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Open API infrastructure allows easy integration

Advantages of the CM5 cash register

  • No extra clutter at the sales points, only one device required
  • Handle all sales, as well as ticket validation and access control, from one device
  • Devices can be moved, at any time, to where they are most needed
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“It’s great to be involved in a collaboration that is taking event payments to the next level.”

“This is exactly the purpose that we had envisaged for our new CM5 payment terminal and shows the benefit of working closely with a payment solution provider like CoreGo.”
Harri Kivisto, Head of Partnerships, Verifone