The CoreGo CM5 Payment Solution

An all-in-one, single-screen payment terminal for mobile sales.

Rent a payment solution for your business, and let us take care of the rest.

Why the CM5?

CM5 solution cash register
One device for all payments

 A light touch screen terminal with integrated cash register application.

Supports multiple payment methods
Regular payment cards, mobile payments, cash, coupons & vouchers (also with QR codes), RFID and Klarna.
A large touch screen

Easy use of the CoreGo POS application

Sales on the go

4G network and powerful battery make mobile sales easy.

How does it work?

Send us the products for your menu or create them yourself in our browser-based CoreGo Cloud.

CM5s will be delivered ready to use. We train your staff and provide technical support & device replacement service.

The portable CM5s are easy to use & they can be moved wherever the sales are needed to be done.

Sales can be tracked in real time, and you can get reports from the CoreGo Cloud.

CoreGo POS application

Android-based cash register app
CoreGo’s point-of-sale application has been developed specifically for mobile sales.

The application is very simple for users, whether your staff are experienced or not. It’s basically like a mobile app!

Real-time sales tracking
See your sales directly on the device, or log in to the CoreGo Cloud, our browser-based management platform.

CoreGo Cloud

All your data in one place
Get your reports and manage all the CoreGo solutions in the CoreGo Cloud.

Manage your sales
With your own account you can make edits and create new products. We at CoreGo are happy to create the products for you as well.

Integrate it
The open API infrastructure allows easy integration for your in-house systems and operations.

Let’s have a chat

Could the CM5 be the right payment solution for your business or event? Send us a message and we’ll be in touch!