CoreGo App Builder

Build your own mobile app with the user-friendly, visual CoreGo tool

Choose from more than 100 different modules to brand and personalize your app – no coding required. 

CoreGo App Builder contains a large library of plug and play modules with various functions that you can choose from to build the perfect app for you. 

With the help of App Builder, you can communicate with customers, sell tickets and other products, build information pages, share media and text content, advertise your services and much more. Your app can also be used to save event tickets, which can be scanned by our devices at the event. 

CoreGo App Builder is the perfect solution for festivals, sports clubs, expos, camps, tournaments and other events. 

You can either build and modify an app yourself or allow us to build a custom app for you. If you want to build the app yourself, we can always provide support whenever you need it. 

We always take care of the necessary technical integrations, so you do not need any special skills to build your app. It is also easy to publish your app in various application marketplaces, such as App Store and Google Play.

We would be happy to tell you more about the App Builder and the opportunities it can offer. Contact us and ask for more information! 

You can either build and modify an app yourself or allow us to build a custom app for you.

CoreGo App Builder includes the following features and modules: 


Event information 

Add all the information about the event itself, such as the time, location, programme, performers and other relevant details. 

Ticket sales 

The app allows users to buy tickets for an event directly on their mobile devices. Tickets may also be displayed directly in the app when arriving at the event. 

Schedule and programme 

App users may browse the event schedule and programme, plan their day and receive notifications of important performances or seminars. 

Interactive features 

The event app allows users to share their experiences on social media or take part in discussions. 


The app can  be used to send notifications to users about important updates, such as changes to the programme or special offers.  

Data collection and analytics 

Event organizers can collect user data through the app and obtain valuable information about the participants and their behaviour at the event. 


Users can provide feedback on the event and the app, which will help you as an organizer to improve your future events. 

Language versions 

You can build the app in any language.  

Custom code 

If you can’t find what you need in our module library, don’t worry, you can also use external code within the app, through:  APIs, custom feeds, HTML sections and Widgets. This could be used, for example, to add a map that shows the event venue and key locations to help users navigate easily at an event. 

Do you have a feature in mind for the app that was not on the list? CoreGo App Builder can be customized to your needs, so contact us and we can design a custom mobile app for you!

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We deliver technology solutions for both individual events and more long-term requirements. Contact us and we can find the right solution for your needs.