CoreGo Cloud

More information, extensive reports and easy management

CoreGo Cloud is a versatile, user-friendly browser-based back-end system for managing all your CoreGo solutions. 

Keep track of your sales in real time wherever you are, make changes to products and move cash registers from one sales point to another. 

CoreGo Cloud also allows you to manage access control data, CoreGo Shop products and reports, your integrations and much more. 

Effective cloud-based back-end system for managing all your CoreGo solutions.

What can I manage in CoreGo Cloud? 

POS system  

CoreGo Cloud goes hand in hand with the CoreGo POS system, making cash register management smooth and effortless. You can manage prices, product selection, the cash register display, discounts, payment methods and even receipt settings in one centralized location, which will boost sales and drive business growth. You can also make any changes you need during your event – also remotely, which adds flexibility to your sales. 

Payment terminals  

Manage the points of sale assigned to each payment terminal. CoreGo Cloud allows you to link your POS system and payment terminals before selling. Moving individual terminals from one point of sale to another is quick and easy, even in the middle of your event. 

Sales reports  

Monitoring and analysing sales is crucial for building a successful event and business. CoreGo Cloud offers a range of sales reporting tools that help you understand which products or services are most popular, where your sales are growing and where improvements can be made. This data can help you make smart decisions and optimize your business.  

Access control  

Access control is an essential part of many events, and CoreGo Cloud makes access control management easy. You can decide who has access to each space or area, track the movement of staff and visitors and ensure safety at your event. All this can be done easily and in real time through CoreGo Cloud. 

CoreGo Shop  

Managing an online marketplace has never been as easy as with CoreGo Cloud. You can create, edit and update your online marketplace effortlessly. Adding products, editing ticket products, managing orders and tracking customers can all be done in one place. CoreGo Cloud also gives you real-time data on your sales.


CoreGo Cloud offers a wide range of integration options with various systems. You can connect with other software, such as accounting systems, inventory management and marketing tools. This enhances the flow of information and saves your time.


Stock control for a large event takes up a lot of time and resources. CoreGo Cloud includes an inventory management tool to help manage stock levels across the bars and other sales points at your event. Upload electronic consignment notes to CoreGo Cloud and manage your inventory in real time. 

Customer registers 

You can create extensive customer or visitor registers directly in CoreGo Cloud. Assign specific access rights to your employees and enable the quick and secure management of customer information, purchase history and access control data. 

Benefits of a centralised back-end system


CoreGo Cloud allows you to access and manage all of your CoreGo solutions and integrations in one system. 


The user-friendly interface makes CoreGo Cloud intuitive and easy to use. We also provide high-quality customer support and training so that you can make the most of all the opportunities offered by CoreGo Cloud.  


CoreGo Cloud can be integrated with various systems and software, making it a flexible solution with the potential to bring far reaching benefits. 


CoreGo Cloud meets the most rigorous data security standards, so you can be sure that your data is kept safe. 

CoreGo Cloud guarantees the easy management of your CoreGo solutions, analytics and extensive reports as well as a wide range of integration options. Contact us, we would be happy to tell you more about CoreGo Cloud and what it can offer for your company or event. 

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