CoreGo POS

Reliable POS system for more effective sales

Are you looking for an effective and versatile point-of-sale system that can be integrated with your systems?  

CoreGo POS is a solution that meets the requirements of modern businesses and dynamic environments. The user-friendly Android-based POS system helps you to efficiently manage your sales, inventory and customer data.

CoreGo POS screen

Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, CoreGo POS can help you optimize your sales and grow your business. The POS system has been developed in cooperation with partners in the event and venue industries, based on their needs and wishes. 

In addition to the POS system, CoreGo also delivers mobile POS terminals, fixed cash registers with integrated payment terminals and standalone payment terminals on a turnkey basis.

CoreGo POS is a user-friendly, clear and versatile POS system.

Why choose CoreGo POS?

More efficient sales 

With the CoreGo POS app, selling is always fast and efficient. The app allows various payment methods, such as cash and card payment, smart cards and wearables, QR tags and table billing.  

Easy user interface 

CoreGo POS is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Training is quick and new employees will find it easy to use the payment system. 

Reports and analytics 

CoreGo POS offers extensive, real-time reporting and analytics tools to help you understand the buying behaviour of your customers and make better strategic decisions. You can view the reports directly in CoreGo Cloud, CoreGo’s browser-based back-end system.  

Inventory management 

Track your inventory in real time and make sure you don’t run low on stock. 

Versatile integration options 

CoreGo POS can be seamlessly integrated with various payment systems, accounting software and other tools, meaning that the daily management of the systems require minimum effort. Read more about the available integrations here. 

Support and updates 

CoreGo offers comprehensive customer support. We help you solve any problems that you may have and provide guidance on the best use of our solutions. We are continuously updating our products to make sure that we can improve the services that we provide to our customers.

What should I consider when choosing a payment solution?

Speed and ease of use 

Your payment solution should be easy to use for both you and your customers. Complex payment processes can make customers frustrated and cause them to abandon the process. CoreGo POS is reliable, quick and easy to use, regardless of whether your salespeople are seasoned professionals or first-timers.   

Versatile payment methods 

Choose a payment solution that enables a wide range of payment methods. CoreGo POS is compatible with several payment methods, such as credit cards, mobile payments, cash, corporate invoicing, QR tags and smart cards and wearables. This ensures that customers can pay in whatever way is most convenient for them.  


CoreGo payment solutions are priced either on an event-by-event basis or monthly, meaning that you only pay for the time you use the payment solutions. If you have a seasonal business, you can return the hardware to us during your low seasons. 


Your payment solution must be secure and meet the industry standards and regulations. For us at CoreGo, protecting customer data is a top priority and we work constantly to improve our solutions in terms of their functionality and security.  


Your payment solution should be easy to integrate with existing systems, such as your ticket sales, accounting software and other management apps. CoreGo Hub, our integration API, makes these integrations straightforward and quick to complete. 

Rapid payment processing 

The time it takes to process payments varies depending on the payment solution. Rapid payment processing is especially important during large events to avoid long queues in front of points of sale. CoreGo has optimized payment processing times to make them as short as possible.  

Refund and cancellation policies 

Find out how the payment solution handles refunds and cancellations. With CoreGo, payment refunds and cancellations are quick and easy, which improves the overall customer satisfaction.  

Reporting and analytics 

A good payment solution provides an extensive reporting and analytics tool that helps you track your sales and transactions. The real-time reporting system of CoreGo makes it easy to keep track of your sales and enables quick changes to prices and the product selection whenever necessary. 

Reliable data connection 

In modern payment solutions, a reliable data connection is crucial for fast, smooth payments. CoreGo payment solutions come with a full set of connections, but in addition, the separate CoreGo data services can provide extra support for the POS transactions of large events and events organized in challenging locations.   

Customer service and technical support 

Make sure that your payment solution provider offers reliable customer support and is easy to reach if you encounter any problems. CoreGo offers comprehensive, fast technical support as well as on-call support during events, if needed, to make sure that your sales transactions always run smoothly without any issues. 


Choose a payment solution that can be scaled to your needs. If you are not sure about the size of your event or the solutions you will need, your payment solution provider needs to be flexible and capable of dealing with a higher than expected demand. The CoreGo solution is fully scalable to your needs, and we can also deliver more devices at short notice. 

By choosing the CoreGo payment solution, you can be sure that the payment processes of your event or company will be smooth, secure and customer-friendly ✅ 

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