CoreGo Shop

User-friendly and versatile e-commerce platform

An effective online marketplace is an integral part of modern-day business.

CoreGo Shop is a versatile, user-friendly option for your company if you also want to sell your products online.

Customize the online marketplace to match your brand, create products and start selling easily and effectively.

You can easily manage your products, pricing, inventory and orders through one control panel.

Why choose CoreGo Shop?


Versatile product categories and product pages  

CoreGo Shop allows you to effectively organize your products into versatile product categories. You can easily create and edit categories to help your customers find the products they are looking for quickly. In addition, you can create a separate product page for each item where you can add more detail using images and text.  

Easy management 

The user interface of CoreGo Shop is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily manage your products, pricing, inventory and orders through one control panel in CoreGo Cloud, which serves as the management platform for all your CoreGo solutions. 

Design your online marketplace to match your brand  

You can personalize CoreGo Shop to match your brand using colours, logos, images and fonts. Create product images, banners and other elements to align with your company’s style. You can also integrate the online marketplace into your website.   

Versatile payment options  

CoreGo Shop is compatible with the most common payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, invoicing and Smartum benefits.  

Management of deliveries and delivery charges  

The delivery process and the management of delivery charges are the key to the success of an online marketplace. CoreGo Shop offers a comprehensive delivery and delivery charge management system that allows you to offer various delivery options and set their prices according to your customers’ needs.  

Versatile ticket products  

CoreGo Shop offers a variety of options for creating various ticket products. You can send your customers physical tickets or create PDF tickets that are sent automatically to your customer’s e-mail address after purchase. You can add QR codes to the PDF tickets, which can be scanned using CoreGo access control solutions. This allows you to collect precise data on the visitors arriving at your event.  

Smooth user experience  

Today, mobile devices are one of the most popular ways of shopping online. The user interface of CoreGo Shop ensures that your online marketplace looks appealing and works seamlessly on all devices, which improves the purchase experience. The platform has also been optimized for speed, which reduces marketplace loading times and improves search engine visibility.  

Integration options  

CoreGo Shop is compatible with many other business tools and services. You can easily integrate it, for example, with inventory management, accounting software and marketing automation systems to improve business efficiency and management.  

CoreGo customer service and support  

As with other CoreGo solutions, CoreGo Shop offers customer support that is always ready to help with any issues. We provide instructions, guidance and technical support based on your needs so that you can create the best possible online marketplace for your company. 

CoreGo Shop is a versatile, user-friendly e-commerce platform that provides a number of useful features for growing your business online. From sports clubs to stadiums or large music festivals, CoreGo Shop is a reliable choice for building and expanding an online marketplace.

Create your own online marketplace with CoreGo Shop and take the first step towards more effective and versatile sales. 

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