CoreGo was chosen as Partner of the Year 2023 at Helsinki Rock and Roll Oy’s post-summer festival gala.

The close cooperation between HRR, which provided restaurant services for multiple Finnish festivals such as Provinssi and Ruisrock, and CoreGo continued successfully in 2023. HRR’s staff has been using CoreGo’s portable POS terminals, for which they have received training and technical support from CoreGo during events. CoreGo was particularly recognised for its unwavering and enthusiastic service that continued throughout the summer.

“A relentless and enthusiastic participation that remained throughout the summer. CoreGo takes challenges seriously and help is always nearby and available. CoreGo is a credible and friendly partner who believes in what they are doing as well as what we are doing.”

The partnership between CoreGo and HRR is based on continuous teamwork and passion for events. CoreGo would like to thank HRR for the recognition and great collaboration throughout the summer!