Last summer, cash registers equipped with the CoreGo POS application were widely used at various music festivals and other events. For the largest Finnish festivals, such as Ruisrock, Provinssi, Ilosaarirock, Qstock, and Blockfest, the device requirement reached several hundred per event.

Unexpected changes and technology-related challenges can happen from time to time and we have to be able to respond to these situations as quickly as possible. Our primary goal during a festival or event production is to ensure that sales points get the help they need when it is needed. This is why we offer the option of CoreGo’s extended on-call support, which can be tailored to the need of a particular event.

According to our Account Manager, Laura Jyrinki, fast support is crucial to ensure that sellers receive timely and relevant assistance, without any disruption in their sales:

– When a support request comes in, we strive to be available, flexible and provide a quick response.

“Fast support is crucial to ensure that sellers receive timely and relevant assistance, without any disruption in their sales.”


CoreGo’s on-call staff helps with the devices and brings efficiency to sales 

The purpose of CoreGo’s event support is to ensure the continuous operation of devices and provide flexibility for sales. CoreGo’s event support and assistance encompass device and product preparations, user training, and technical support during events.

For larger festivals, CoreGo always deploys several employees, making the transportation of devices to sales points, employee training, and on-site support run smoothly. For smaller festivals, usually one employee is assigned and some events rely solely CoreGo’s remote phone support.

Our Account Manager, Laura, explains that before an event, CoreGo’s staff ensures that all devices are fully prepared:

– The devices are charged, and the correct products and prices are programmed into them. During the event, we are prepared to react quickly and make adjustments to products and prices as needed. Every one of our customers can rely on us to ensure that the devices function flawlessly and sales run smoothly.


Support is also available outside of events

In addition to event support, our customer service and technical support are available during our operating hours. Technical support is aimed at all our customers whose events are outside our office hours and on weekends. Its purpose is to provide comprehensive support and enable individualised help for our customers.

CoreGo’s customer service and technical support contact information:

General Support
📞  +358 10 200 3330
Opening hours (EEST):
Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5 PM

Technical Support
📞💬  +358 46 923 0528
Opening hours (EEST):
Mon-Thu 9 AM to 5 PM
Fri 9 AM to 9 PM
Sat 10 AM to 9 PM

We also offer additional service of extended technical phone support that is tailored to events with different needs. In extended technical phone support, assistance is available on weekday evenings and Sundays as well.