Data Connections

Reliable, comprehensive network solutions for your event

A working data connection is the backbone of a modern event. 

Many technical devices – including payment terminals – require a fast and reliable network connection to work properly. Working network connections are crucial for ensuring effortless, secure payments and access control. 

CoreGo offers reliable, high-performance data connection solutions for ensuring that all our services work smoothly. We provide custom solutions for various needs and events.  

Building a production network starts with planning and examining the venue so that we can ensure reliable connectivity at your event. CoreGo delivers solutions on a turnkey basis, which means you don’t need to worry about the technical details. 

If you are planning an event for a large audience or in a challenging location, ensure internet connectivity with CoreGo’s data connection solutions.

Why choose CoreGo data connections?


We improve the efficiency of the services we provide by ensuring their connectivity. Save time and money by choosing a solution that is guaranteed to work.  


CoreGo solutions are based on the latest technology and a professional support team, so you can be sure that your network connections are always available and stable regardless of the location or size of your event.  


We offer secure data connections that protect the devices and systems against data security threats.  


Every event is different in terms of its size, location and needs, which is why we offer custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of your event.   


We always take care of planning the connections and all the necessary installations so that you can focus on organizing your event in peace. 

Why is a working data connection so important for an event?

Technologies require internet access 

When a large number of people gather in one location, the capacity of the data network may prove insufficient. This could lead to slow or unstable network connections, which will make it harder to use social media and other mobile apps and the internet. All technologies – from payment solutions to access control devices and intersystem communication – also require a fast and reliable data connection to function properly. Once your data connections are in order, your event visitors can fully embrace and enjoy the event.  

Fast, secure payments 

CoreGo offers high-quality payment solutions for events and companies in different industries. Working data connections for payment terminals and POS systems are crucial for ensuring effortless, secure payments. Once your internet is running smoothly, the customers at your points of sale can pay without any delays or interruptions, which will improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. 

Effective access control 

CoreGo offers a complete access control solution for events, including everything from wristband and permit options to access control reports and scanners. Strong data connections ensure that the access control systems work non-stop and gathers accurate data on visitor flow. The real-time CoreGo reporting system works best when your network connections are properly set up. 

Enjoyable events 

A working internet connection is important for every event visitor. No matter how many customers or visitors you have, your payment and access control solutions will be able to accommodate the volume when you use the CoreGo data connection solution to support your devices and systems. CoreGo data connection can also be configured to meet the other internet requirements of your event, such as production requirements and other private networks. 

Could some of our solutions be right for your business or event?


We deliver technology solutions for both individual events and more long-term requirements. Contact us and we can find the right solution for your needs.