Terms and Conditions

General Rental Terms and Conditions CoreGo Oy

CoreGo Oy, hereinafter referred to as the rental company or CoreGo, rents out the goods further defined to the lessee.

  1. For the rental prices and replacement values of the goods, you are referred to the CoreGo price list or other agreement material. Payments to be made through Klarna, after order has been completed.
  2. The devices must be returned according to instructions for returning goods.
  3. Entire or partial renunciation of usage not for valuable consideration is only permitted with written permission from the rental company.
  4. The rental ends when the goods have been booked back into the rental company’s depot. The lessee must return the rented goods to the rental company within 2-working days of the end of the rental period, in line with the rental agreement; otherwise, a delayed return fee will be applied, which will be calculated on the basis of the standard daily pricing of goods. The goods to be returned should be packaged as delivered and using the return shipping label provided.
  5. The lessee is liable for any costs or damage caused to the rental company and subsequent lessees with whom rental contracts have been signed, if the lessee fails to return the goods on time.
  6. A booking can be modified latest 2-weeks before rental period begins. Bookings made less than 2-weeks before rental period begins cannot be modified.
  7. The rented goods must be used in accordance with the intended purpose. The lessee declares to have received the rented goods in good condition and is obligated to maintain this good condition and to return the items in this condition after the rental period has expired.
  8. The lessee is liable for all damage, however specified and caused, to the rented goods or caused by the rented goods, irrespective of whether this is the lessee’s fault, or the fault of a third party or the result of force majeure.
  9. The lessee will be liable for any additional costs arising from the cleaning, repair or replacement of dirty or damaged goods. These costs will be based on either an hourly fee for cleaning or repair of the goods, or the purchase price for the replacement of damaged goods for which repair is deemed by the rental company not to be warranted.
  10. The use of permanent markers, strong adhesives or similar, is strongly prohibited by the lessee. Any costs arising from the cleaning or replacement of rented goods that are damaged in this way will be charged to the lessee.
  11. All charges and taxes in relation to the rented goods that are imposed shall be borne by the lessee.
  12. The rental company retains the right to check usage and maintenance of the rented goods.
  13. From the moment of transfer of the rented goods upon delivery to the booking-in of the goods to terminate the rental contract, the risk in relation to the rented goods, including fire or theft is borne by the lessee; the rental company shall not be held liable for any visible or invisible, hidden or non-hidden defects.
  14. The lessee is committed to notifying the rental company immediately of the seizure of any goods rented out to him, or a part thereof, of bankruptcy, ant request for a payment moratorium and placement under receivership or any intention to cease residence in a State of Europe, as well as providing the seizing bailiff, the trustee or official receiver with information regarding this contract.
  15. The lessee shall bear the costs of any legal measures, which the rental company considers to be necessary or useful in order to enforce its rights arising from this contract.