Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Payment Solutions

What is a CM5 payment terminal?

The CM5 payment terminal is a light, single-screen Android payment device for mobile sales. 

Combined with CoreGo’s POS application, it’s the only device you need for your salespoint. 

The CM5 supports multiple payment methods and it’s easy to carry. WiFi and 4G network options, and a powerful battery make it a flexible and reliable payment solution even in the most challenging environments. 

The CoreGo Cloud portal makes it easy to add or update products and access realtime sales data and reports. Our open API infrastructure add the possibility to integrate the CoreGo POS application with accounting and other legacy systems. 

How can I order payment terminals for my business or event?

We rent payment solutions to different events and businesses. Our flexible pricing is based on the length of the rental and the services required. 

We are happy to give you an offer for our solutions. Please fill in the contact form here. 

Can I rent payment terminals for a short period?

Our payment solution is suitable for both short-term and long-term requirements. 

You can order payment terminals e.g. for one event, or for several months. 

The pricing and invoicing can be event-based on for the months that are using the terminals. You only pay for the time you are using the terminals!

CoreGo Cloud

What is CoreGo Cloud?

CoreGo Cloud is our back-end system where you can manage all of your CoreGo solutions in your account. 

You can add or update the products being sold, download reports and follow your sales in real time. 

How to get an account to CoreGo Cloud?

We create an account for our clients. If you need an access to the CoreGo Cloud please contact: support (a)

Where can I sign in to CoreGo Cloud?

When you have an account, you can sign in to CoreGo Cloud at: 


I didn’t get the e-tickets I ordered from a web-store

Please check that the tickets are not in the junk folder. 

You can also contact CoreGo’s support at: support (a) or +358 10 200 3330 (we are open Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm EEST). 

RFID Wristbands and Cards

The value I added to my RFID card or wristband has not been returned to my bank account

The RFID card or wristband is only charged when you buy something at an event. 

When you add value to your card or wristband, a pre-authorization is taken in your bank account. Your bank account is only charged for the value that is used and any remaining pre-authorised value is automatically cancelled.