Inventory Management

Track product sales and streamline logistics with CoreGo’s comprehensive inventory management tool. 

An efficient inventory management system facilitates the logistics process associated with product sales. With CoreGo, you get a comprehensive inventory management system to track your sales and facilitate your business reporting.  

The system enables real-time inventory tracking to ensure the right products are available to your customers throughout the sales cycle. The inventory can be linked to CoreGo’s payment solutions, automating reporting.  

You can also upload electronic waybills to our system to accurately track incoming and outgoing shipments. The system’s reliability and ease of use make inventory management hassle-free and efficient.  

Be one step ahead and ensure smooth product sales at your event or point of sale with CoreGo’s inventory management tool. 

With CoreGo’s inventory management system, you optimise your logistics process and simplify reporting.

Why choose CoreGos inventory management system?  


With accurate inventory tracking, you can reduce excess inventory and minimise waste, improving cost efficiency.  

Customer satisfaction
Fast delivery is the key to customer satisfaction. Inventory tracking helps ensure that your customers’ favourite products are always available.  

Optimised storage space  
Inventory tracking helps optimise storage space and reduce unnecessary storage of products.  

Better decision making  
Inventory tracking gives you information on product turnover rates, popular products and seasonal variations. 

Sales consolidation  
CoreGo’s payment solutions work automatically with your inventory management system. The end-to-end solution enables a secure, efficient and flexible sales process from payment to final reporting and data analysis.  

Electronic consignment notes 
You can upload electronic consignment notes directly into the system, reducing manual work and the risk of errors. Seamless integration with the consignment notes streamlines logistics and ensures accurate records of inbound and outbound shipments. 

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