Manuals and instructions for  CoreGo solutions

Watch short videos and read instructions for using our devices and platform.

Please contact us if you cannot find a manual or instructions for what you need!

📑 PDF Files

How to use the CM5 payment terminal

How to configure the stock control module

🎥 The CM5 Payment Terminal

Turning on the CM5 terminal

Reversing a transaction

How to use the CM5 terminal

Restarting the CoreGo POS app

🎥 Ticket Scanner

Turning on the ticket scanner

Scanning RFID cards

Scanning QR tickets

🎥 CoreGo Cloud

Creating a product manually and connecting it to a product group (menu)

Linking a product to a product group (menu) to be displayed in the CM5

Creating a company and a product group (menu) | Connecting products to a product group (menu)

Viewing an accounting report in CoreGo Cloud

Creating a product with an open price

Creating and adding a new payment method to your CM5

Finding and deleting a transaction in CoreGo Cloud

Changing the colour, price and category of a product and creating a product with an open price

Transferring a CM5 from one point-of-sale to another

Viewing a sales report in CoreGo Cloud