CoreGo’s RFID system

“Tap your wristband here to pay!”

Everything you need for an RFID payment system

Access Control + Cash Register + Data


A complete RFID payment system, with integrated cash register and access control.

CoreGo Cloud

Ability to capture more data on visitor transactions.

Full control

Design and implement the right payment solution for your event.

CoreGo brings the experience and solutions to digitalise your event payments!

A complete solution

  • Choose the right RFID tag for your event
  • Our mobile app makes it easy to add credit to wristbands, review purchases and refund unused credit
  • Visitors “tap and pay” at each sales point
  • Card payments for on-site ticket and credit purchases
  • Mix and match! Use wristbands and cards in different areas
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An RFID payment system can benefit both visitors and vendors alike, which is why many events are using this technology to move away from using coupons or tokens

  • Fast and convenient, which are key drivers to maximise sales
  • Happy exhibitors; flexible pricing, real-time sales data and no queueing to deposit coupons
  • Gather a wealth of data about what customers are buying
  • It’s secure; no counterfeit or lost coupons

Get closer to your customers

White label our mobile app to launch your own branded digital payment service.

  • Opens interesting possibilities for multi-event organisers
  • Maps and exhibitor information in the palm of your hand
  • Send offers from exhibitors and partners
  • Easy access to tickets and for scanning at the entrance
  • Ask us about our mobile app development toolkit!