CoreGo’s RFID system

“Tap here to pay!”

Everything you need for an RFID system

Access Control + Cash Register + Data



A complete RFID system, with integrated cash register and access control.

CoreGo Cloud

Ability to capture more data on visitor transactions.

Full control

Design and implement the right payment solution for your event.

CoreGo brings the experience and solutions to digitalise your event payments!

 A complete solution

  • Choose any RFID card or wristband (tag) for your event 
  • Easy online and on-site top-up options  
  • Fast “tap and pay” at each sales point 
  • The same payment terminal can also process card payments for other on-site sales
  • Tickets from multiple sources can be added to tags for access control with either handheld or turnstile scanners


An RFID payment system brings benefits for organizers, visitors and vendors

  • Fast and convenient: key drivers to maximise sales
  • No issues with counterfeit or lost coupons 
  • Easy for exhibitors: with flexible pricing, real-time sales data and no need to count or deposit coupons 
  • Easy for visitors: you only get charged what you spend 
  • Gather more data about what customers are buying 
  • Easy invoicing options for company groups