RFID Cards and Wristbands

Delivering cashless payments and smooth access control.


The perfect solution for camps, sports events and VIP areas.


Alternative cashless solution

An alternative to using standard payment methods for cashless events or as an add-on to be able offer digital coupons or wallets.

Multiple access permits

Control, where your visitors and staff access around the event area.

Digital benefits for staff

Add digital food coupons and other benefits to your staff RFID wristbands.

Company invoicing

Flexible invoicing options. The RFID system can also be also used for guest payments at corporate events and VIP areas.

Where to use the RFID solution?

Camps and sports tournaments

Parents can add money to a child’s wristband remotely, and track of their spending. Also possible to add meal tickets and control access.

Company events and VIP areas

Give your employees or guests RFID cards with a spending limit or digital drink and food vouchers.

Tasting events and trade fairs

Visitors can top-up their RFID cards online or on-site and payment at the exhibitor stands is fast and simple with our portable devices.

RFID for payments

Go cashless
An event-specific payment solution offering different options compared to normal payment methods.

Easy top-ups
It’s easy to add value to the RFID card or wristband either online, or at top-up points at the event.

Invoicing options
Provide cards to corporate guests with a value or spending limit. One invoice for all of their guest purchases.

RFID for access control

No need for paper tickets
Add your event tickets, food coupons or other tickets to the same wristband.

Gather data
The RFID chip always collects precise data when scanned with our devices.

Choose your own layout
Style your cards or wristbands to match with your brand!

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