Smartcards and Wristbands 

Flexible invoicing options and smooth access control for your event

No more paper tickets or piles of invoices!  

Invoicing cards, payment wristbands, drink cards, event passes… Smartcards and wristbands equipped with CoreGo’s RFID technology provide a digital solution for boosting your event sales and ensuring smoother access. 

The solution is perfect for many types of situations and events where you need an alternative to traditional payment methods and identifiers. 

At corporate events, smartcards or wristbands make invoicing easier, and at children’s events, wristbands offer a flexible solution alongside traditional cash and card payment.  

You can also digitalize your event by using smartcards or wristbands for access control. Gather precise data on where your visitors go, what services they use and what are the peak times of different access control points. 

Complete payment and access control solution for corporate and public events, sports clubs and children’s and youth events.

Why choose CoreGo smartcards or wristbands?

Alternative to traditional payment methods  

Give your event visitors the option of going cardless or cashless. You can also add digital coupons, such as drink or meal vouchers, on visitors’ smartcards or wristbands. 

More convenient corporate invoicing  

No more receipts! The RFID system can be used for guest payments at corporate events. All payments can be gathered on the same invoice, which means companies can spend less time on accounting. 

Multiple access permits  

Control the areas in the venue that may be accessed by visitors and staff. Collect data and optimize the routes at your event. 

What is the solution best suited for?

Corporate events

Offer your customers a digital payment solution that makes paying at an event easy. Top up wristbands or cards or add e.g. drink vouchers that can be combined on a single invoice. CoreGo’s solution has been used, for instance, in corporate office parties, conferences and the VIP lounge areas of festivals. 

Public events 

Smart wristbands or cards serve as access permits and payment instruments, and they gather data throughout the event. You can also offer your customers the option of buying drink and meal vouchers or topping up a wristband or card. 

Sports clubs

Collect more data with season passes! Offer benefits to your members and monitor buying behaviour during games and other events. You can also top up and add various benefits to season passes. 

Children and youth events

Organize the payment and access control of a tournament or camp easily and securely. Give the participants wristbands or passes to which parents can load money remotely from home. Meal vouchers and access permits can also be added, making event organization and the work of coaches and instructors easier. 

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