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The team behind the wheel

We are a team with a lot of business, technology and event management experience. We design, build and deliver secure and reliable technical solutions for our clients.

Together, let’s make your event production seamless and smooth.


Email addresses: firstname@corego.fi

Hannu Elomaa CoreGo

Hannu Elomaa

CEO & Founder

+358 44 541 8489

Barry MacNamara CoreGo

Barry MacNamara

Business Development Manager

+358 45 887 3220

Madelene Järpenge CoreGo

Madelene Järpenge

Country Manager Sweden

+46 735 31 08 47

+358 50 313 4852

Jani Vartiainen CoreGo

Jani Vartiainen

Customer and Project Manager

+358 50 551 7741

Johanna Mustonen

Sales Manager

+358 50 328 2200

Niko väänänen


Hanna Maria Pinta

Marketing & Project Coordinator

+358 50 556 6175

Jutta Seppälä

Production & Event Assistant

+358 50 556 6174

Jussi Routila

Project Planner

Miro Laukkanen

Production Worker

+358 50 543 8019

Laura Jyrinki

Production Worker

+358 50 543 8139

Rasmus Seppi

Production Worker

Elli Laitinen

Production Worker

Silja Golam

Production Worker

Axel Åberg

Production Worker

Aslak Hänninen

Production Worker

We Know What Works!

CoreGo does more than just rent software and hardware. We always provide help and advice on the best solution for our clients’ requirements.

Our team’s goal is to help our clients run more efficient and profitable events, while also enhancing the visitor experience.

We are continually improving our software and greatly value input from our clients. This helps to future proof our technology and solutions.