CoreGo POS for Fairs & Small Businesses

CoreGo POS is an ideal payment solution for fairs, market places and pop-up sales. It combines our easy-to-use POS application and a lightweight payment terminal.

TMK offer for new clients: Get CoreGo POS without the starting fee (-50 €).

CoreGo POS includes:

✅ Lightweight payment terminal(s)

✅ CoreGo POS application installed on the payment terminal

✅ CoreGo Cloud: A cloud-based management system where you can find all your sales reports and edit your products

✅ User training

Make sales easier with CoreGo POS & the mobile payment terminal

The user-friendly Android-based CoreGo POS application helps you to efficiently manage your sales and products.

The mobile payment terminal has a big touch-screen and a powerful battery.

CoreGo always offers comprehensive technical support in case you need help with your devices.



CoreGo POS, cash register and payment terminal
69 € / month or event

CoreGo activation fee
50 € / terminal

Transaction fee
0,6 % / transaction

Option: Creating products
20 € / terminal

We offer support services free of charge for all our customers from Monday to Saturday according to our customer service opening hours.

If you are interested in any of our other solutions or services, please let us know. We are happy to send you a customized offer!

CoreGo POS is a user-friendly, clear and versatile POS system.

Could CoreGo POS be right for your sales point?


CoreGo & TMK offer all CoreGo’s new clients a payment solution without the activation fee (value 50 € / terminal, up to 10 terminals). Order payment terminals with the CoreGo POS application by using the discount code TMK2024 and get the benefit!

You can also order payment terminals by calling: +358 10 200 3330 or via email:

Why choose CoreGo POS?

More efficient sales 

With the CoreGo POS app, selling is always fast and efficient. The app allows various payment methods, such as cash and card payment, smart cards and wearables, QR tags and table billing.  

Easy user interface 

CoreGo POS is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Training is quick and new employees will find it easy to use the payment system. 

Reports and analytics 

CoreGo POS offers extensive, real-time reporting and analytics tools to help you understand the buying behaviour of your customers and make better strategic decisions. You can view the reports directly in CoreGo Cloud, CoreGo’s browser-based back-end system.  

Inventory management 

Track your inventory in real time and make sure you don’t run low on stock. 

Versatile integration options 

CoreGo POS can be seamlessly integrated with various payment systems, accounting software and other tools, meaning that the daily management of the systems require minimum effort. Read more about the available integrations here. 

Support and updates 

CoreGo offers comprehensive customer support. We help you solve any problems that you may have and provide guidance on the best use of our solutions. We are continuously updating our products to make sure that we can improve the services that we provide to our customers.