Camera Solution for Visitor Counting 

Analyse visitor data and gain insight into customer behaviour

The CoreGo camera solution is an excellent tool for counting visitors and optimizing the use of space at events and other settings. 

The solution gives you valuable insight into the movement of crowds. Enhance area planning, create routes and make your event more enjoyable. 

Fair center visitor counting

With the help of AI and a 5G network, the camera system recognizes people’s movement and forms anonymous data to support event planning.

In addition to crowd flow, the system also calculates the time people spend in an area and in queues. The cameras do not record video or identify individuals.

The data allows you to identify crowd bottlenecks and take steps to prevent them.

Why choose the CoreGo camera solution?

1. Collect accurate data on crowd movement at your event

2. Plan more effective, safer areas

3. Optimize sales based on crowd movement

4. Create a more enjoyable event environment for visitors

The camera solution is delivered, installed and programmed in the area by CoreGo. CoreGo trains key personnel on how to use the system and analyse the data. We offer technical support for system administration and editing the data sources whenever necessary.

You can draw both lines and zones as data sources on the screen. The line counter counts the number of people who cross the line, and the zone counter counts the number of people in the zone at a time. You can create data sources for carefully selected zones and analyse the gathered data both in real time and post-event.   

You can compare the visitor volumes of different zones, compare the visitor volumes of the same zone at different times or calculate how long people spend in a specific zone. The data allows you to identify crowd congestion areas and bottlenecks and prevent them by adjusting the routes or the location of points of sales, for instance. You will also obtain more data on which services people use and when so that you can optimize e.g. your staff resources and customer capacity. 

CoreGo is pushing the boundaries of event data analytics with the integration of our camera and POS solutions. You will now be able to compare and analyse not only how visitors are moving through your event area, but also what and how much they are buying. 

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